Starr Boxers

Welcome to the website for Starr Boxers! 

We bought our first boxer, Baxter, in 1994.  Our second boy, Duncan, came in 1996 and our first girl, Sable, in 1999.  2005 brought us Lexie and a wonderful opportunity to work with TuRo Ranch!  What a little girl she's been.  She is full of all the love, enthusiasm and energy that this breed is known for.  She comes to work with me in my salon every day!  With each boxer we learned more and fell deeper in love with the breed!  They are the most amazing dogs with such spirit, devotion, loyalty and love.  They are extremely intelligent dogs which sometimes leads them into trouble but that's the same as children!  Each of them has been so unique and has their own special place in our hearts.  Our hope is that we as a family always share our lives with boxers.  They are the perfect combination of friend, companion, playmate, protector and gaurdian.  I would trust no other dog to watch over my family as I do them. 

The view of a serious breeder is to always produce dogs that exemplify the breed standard.  Each breeding is carefully planned to be sure we are helping to create the best boxers that we can not only for the show ring but for each family that they become a part of.   Our puppies are all raised in our home and with our children. They learn all the sounds and experiences of everyday life in a home from the begining!  We want every puppy that leaves our house to be ready for the life that they are going into.  Our breeding allows us to continue the perfect boxer temperment with the stunning confirmation and presence that the boxer is known for.  By doing our part I feel we have a wonderful opportunity to give back just a little of what they give to us every day.


*We are members of The Eastern Boxer Club and The Lebanon County Kennel Club*